First off, my brother owns an event planning company called Kitchen12000, which I coordinate for. Next, I'm a live performance junkie and more likely than not, I snag an interview from the artists or audience members at each show. And whether it be Off-Broadway, street theatre or festivals, I'm qualified to provide the do's and don'ts for each affair.

From L.A. to the Bay, I've got a lot to say. Mom always told me to speak my mind, so to maintain proud parents; I've had to share my thoughts about almost everything. But the problem is, my 2nd grade religion teacher taught me to be polite, so I rarely ever talk shit.

If I'm not riding on the bus or bart, I'm driving around town in my Prius. If I'm not driving around town in my Prius, I'm collecting bottles off the street to recycle. And if I'm not recycling something, I'm dancing to ganja songs by Michael Rose.

Music is not only my boyfriend, ballet instructor and brother's best friend's Swiss mistress, but conveniently what blasts through my Bose speakers everyday. From the Djembe drum to auto tune, I dig it all. Side Note: I collect vinyl records and MP3's. Go Figure.

Yes, I was the girl with the highlights at age 12. Who got detention every Friday for piercing her nose in Catholic school. Who'll write in fragment sentences shamelessly until people start wearing them with Uggs.

"Kids" my age aren't working at McDonalds anymore (I hope). They're starting companies like Wordpress and Digg. The young mind is a powerful weapon; it controls the future. With that as my premise, I take pride in presenting the work place through the eyes of a twenty-something.